Zosia Zaks, Ruby Zaks and Dr. Harriet Wimms

Zosia, Ruby + HarrieteThe threat to the hard won civil rights of the LGBT community reminded me of these brave individuals I met during the weekend of the Women's March on Washington. Zosia Zaks, age 47 lives in Maryland and is marching in DC

"One side of my family survived the Holocaust. This is the same slide into fascism. I don't understand Jews who aren't upset. After the election, I called neighbors to come to my house and I said this isn't about Democratic versus Republican anymore, it's about survival. In just a few weeks, we chartered 3 buses, built a website and a list-serve, created a 6-person Medical Team, recruited 6 bus captains and 2 follow cars, held 2 community orientations, and we are ready to roll. I'm going because I am a trans man with a disability. I'm going for my 2 daughters. I'm going for my girlfriend who is African-American and Native-American and hearing impaired. I'm going for all the autistic adults I work with at Towson University. I must be at the march on January 21. It's about saying you do not tolerate what is happening."

Ruby Zaks, age 12 lives in Maryland and will be marching in a local area march.

"I'm marching for our rights and because I think Trump's policies aren't fair."

Dr. Harriette Wimms lives in Maryland is not able to march.

“I am supporting the March virtually but cannot attend in person. From hearing impairment to orthopedic issues and anxiety, accommodations that could make my presence at the march just aren't available. I represent all of the other people with disabilities, hidden or apparent, who can't march but who are part of this movement.

But there's another, even more important reason why I am not marching today. My generational history holds the memories of the civil rights movements past--and the crimes against peaceful protesters. I am palpably aware of how vulnerable marchers may be, at the hands of hate groups. From pepper spray to fire hoses.

And I decided to stay home to keep our children safe from groups that might attack those asking for justice at the women's march.”