Don’t worry I’ll tell you the rest of the story but first…

Distilled Biographies: You don’t need a whole ad agency anymore. What you do need is something real. We produce a series of distilled biographies of your people, be it board members, employees or customers. Nothing flashy, nothing over polished. Honest Photographs + Real Copy = Believable Campaign. Great for use internally on your website or for social media.

* Rates start at $2000

Distilled Video Biographies: We love the cut the chase model it’s what we are best at and that’s a good thing because people don’t watch long videos any longer. Our short doc videos are five minutes and under, as it should be.

*Rates start at $2500

A Horse of Different Color: You need it all or you need our services once week, every month or you want us to come along on your annual board retreat. Whatever it is … let us help you tell the story.