Anette McKie

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"My whole family is what is most important to me. I'm in a choir and I like to show and teach my kids love and what is important in life." _ Anette McKie is the mother of six children. 

Madison Bozinoff

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“I’m a graphic designer and something that I’ve struggled with is confidence in my own work. I see male designers seeming confident sometimes even if their work is mediocre. Having to doubt yourself and look over your work more can benefit your work but it can also have a negative effect on your health.” - Madison Bozinoff just graduated from Pratt. 

Donna Hylton

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@donnahylton who I featured last year for the Women's March on Washington, was invited to attend the White House prison reform forum but then she was denied entrance at the door. Hylton, who lives in Brooklyn, was one of the speakers the D.C rally. "Once , I wasn't able to speak up for myself but now I can. I am the voice for all women who don't have a voice or are not allowed a voice. Next week it will be 5 years since I was released from prison. And I am going to Washington to remind people that the women in prison are just every other woman, mother, daughter, sister. But over 90% of women who are incarcerated are also victims of sexual violence. We have to talk about women and violence. Our very humanity is on the line."

Corrine Ellingson

"I was determined to have natural childbirth, I wanted to feel all of it. When I was giving birth in the hospital I clearly remember a doctor coming in to have me sign the forms permitting an epidural in case I should I need a cesarean and I said to him - The epidural does not exist.  He closed his clipboard looked at me and said - Ok. Good Luck.  It was rough but I delivered a nine pound baby and I learned through that experience how mentally strong I am. How emotionally strong my relationship with my husband is and of course how physically strong I am. I wonder sometimes if men are jealous that women go through childbirth and they don't." - Corrine Ellingson is the mother of two children and the director of operations at the New York International Children's Film Festival.

Lori Sloan

"I considered myself "Mom" first, and anything else was just the celery in the whitefish salad - you know,  just filler. Being a Mom was always number one. I've learned that I did my job.  I wanted my children to be fearless and they are fearless. And now I try to fill my time with interesting things but the bar is set high because they is nothing like having those little kids around - nothing like it." - Lori Sloan has two grown children and is now spending much of her time exploring photography.