Zubaida Elhage


“You don’t think there will be as much adversity in the business world for women , but there is. I’m a woman and I’m young and people assume you don’t know what you’re doing. People walk into my restaurant and ask to talk to the owner and they don’t expect me to be the owner. You have to build a strong character especially in NYC. People can say whatever, but you have to know what you’re doing and know what you are doing for your future.” Zubaida Elhage is the co-owner of Cocoa Grinder on Nostrand Ave.

Hanna Loucas

SantaCon 20180267.JPG

“Our guy friends have no concept of what it is like to walk home at night and be scared or objectified. I remember one night when I was out with a bunch of friends and at 2 am we headed home. They were going one direction and I was going another. I was walking home alone and I saw this big pack of guys coming my way. I thought that it could mean trouble. So I walked down the middle of the road to avoid having to pass them. One called out to me, “ You’re gonna hit - yeah hit with this dick.” And they were laughing. It’s a joke to them but in reality we are scared.” - Hannah Loucas dressed up as Santa Claus during SantaCon.

Alyson Murray

Alyson Murray 2.jpg

“I get a lot of work as a performer because I’m a woman. I was singing at a Jazz club last week in the East Village and this guy approached me afterward and said I’d be perfect for a role in his play. He wanted to have lunch with me to talk about it. I went to lunch with him but he had a total “Weinsteiny” vibe about him and I had to walk the other way.” - Alyson Murray is a singer.