Enslow Kable

Julia Pimsler + Enslow Kable0030 "The ability to be a leader has little to do with how many hours you are in the office and more to do with your innate leadership qualities. When I had my second child I chose to work a four day week. I'm in advertising and taking that one day off held me back, my career stagnated. The silver lining is that my career has progressed and I just started at a new firm so that I can have more flexibility.  My work week is different and I never have a full day off, but I can sit here and have a cup of coffee because I work from home and work all over the city. Today I can pick up my daughter and take her dance class.  Next week I am going on a school field trip, I haven't done that in years.  If I were a man I wouldn't have wanted to have a four day work week,  I have never come across a man who wants or requests a shortened work work."