Victoria Bekerman

Victoria Beckmansquare  

"I used to work at a Law firm but I found it boring,  so I took courses at FIT and became a jeweler," says Bekerman while standing beside her Grand Central Station pop-up booth.  I asked Victoria the same question I ask all of the "Eves" I meet. "How would your life have been different if you weren't a woman?" She admitted that when she was growing up she wanted to be a boy.  "They have more opportunities to be successful and that they seem to be more athletic and more focused."  And then she explained that as she got older she realized, "Being a woman means that I have more layers. I see things that guys don't see. I can see other sides to a situation."  And then she got that far away look in her eyes and said, "The most amazing thing about being a woman is being able to give birth.  After my daughter was born I realized that I would much rather be a woman."  Then she laughed.  "But," she said, "There are no priorities given to pregnant women in the United States. I'm from Argentina and there people will give you priority in line or for a seat.  Here in the U.S., not so much."

She makes great jewelry, I bought a friend of mine one of her bracelets and she wears it all the time.