Jennifer Lin + Cory Stieg

pre-march on washington0160 Cory Stieg is a writer. She participated in the Women's March in New York City. (daughter)

Jennifer Lin is a journalist and author, who participated in the march in Philadelphia. (mother)

Cory: "I made a donation to Planned Parenthood as a gift to my mother for Christmas. I thought I would be going to an inauguration. It has been a really energetic couple of months on the Internet. I want to see what transpires in person.”

Jennifer: "When I was a young woman, I wrote an article about a casino owner. The casino owner phoned my editor and called me the ‘c’ word -- which I think is the most vile and disrespectful term.  And now that casino owner is going to be president. I also thought I would be going to the inauguration with my daughter. We almost had the first female president and now instead we have a misogynist."