Topeka K. Sam

"I think the ability to discern is a gift that is given to most women. In the Bible wisdom is referred to as a woman. I wouldn't be as wise if I weren't a woman. I call this discernment God speaking to us. This ability has empowered me to fight for incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and marginalized women and girls." - Topeka K. Sam is the founder and executive director of The Ladies of Hope Ministries. The mission of The LOHM is to help disenfranchised & marginalized women transition back into society through education, spiritual empowerment, entrepreneurship & advocacy.  She is also the c0- founder of Hope House.  Topeka served 3.5 years in federal prison and today is her birthday as well as the 2018 #dayofempathy.

Andrea James

The State of Women0261bw"All of my children are 13 years apart. The first was born when I was 19, the next one at 32 and then the last one at 45. In 2009 I was sentenced to serve 24 months in a Federal Prison. It was horrible, I wasn't there for my babies." Andrea James is the founder of Families for Justice as Healing and the author of "Upper Bunkies".