Sonya Zhang

"The customers like coming to the women artists. They think we have more patience listening to them and with the design process.  I don't really think we are more patient.  I'm not more patient, but people perceive us to be." - Sonya Zhang is a tattoo artist in the East Village and she is originally from China.

AJ Kinney

"My own choice of my name as a professional was to keep it gender neutral. Our world is almost pushing us to reflect on gender and see that it does impact everything. When I was at school at the Chicago Art Institute there was this male student who wanted to explore what it was to be a female artist so he painted only flowers. It was ridiculous, does it really need to be that obvious? People come up to me while I am working and ask, "Did you do that all by yourself?" I would never have to have my basic skillset questioned if I didn't happen to be born a woman." - AJ Kinney is a painter living in New Orleans.

Alexandria Cmaylo

"I lost my son, Bear. Absolutely the most joy in my life came from him and the most pain I've experienced came from losing him. And that experience will never be matched. In Bear's birth and in his death he saved me. Joe Biden said, "You get to a point where the memories make you smile more than the pain hurts." He was my only one, and I'm too old to have another. " - Alexandria Cmaylo is an artist and lives in New Orleans.

Daisy Linhares

“I don’t think I’ve gotten ahead in life because I am a woman. I’ve always managed to land on my feet. When things get rough it lights a fire under me. I’m smart, I’m a transformer, I’ll adapt. My independence is important to me – I don’t want to owe anything to anyone.” – Daisy Linhares lives in Venice, CA. She is a clothing designer and owner of All Things Fabulous.