Lauren Kearney

"When I was four years old I wanted to play soccer with my brothers but I was wearing a fancy pink dress.  My mother said I could play soccer with the boys, but I had to change clothes. I wanted to do both - I wanted to wear my dress while playing soccer. Instead I stayed in my dress and watched them play from the sidelines. Then, when I became a mother, I became the hero of my own story. Being a mother made me brave and not afraid of anything. I went from being an introvert to talking to strangers, talking to everyone and being an advocate for my daughter. If I hadn't had my daughter and told her bedtime stories I would never have written my book, Ellie Bixby and the Window to Darvlian Orpth"  Lauren Kearney is an author and mother living in Los Angeles.

Briana Payton

truman-foundation0064"My mother is my role model.  And since I am a woman, I can model my life and my character based on her example." - Briana Payton is a Truman Scholar studying Sociology at Princeton University. Briana attended the Truman Foundation's 4oth Anniversary Party at Gracie Mansion earlier this month.

Sweta Vikram

Sweta0067-3"When my mother died, my response was to heal the world. I started to connect the dots in my life and took up the matriarchal role of being the nurturer. I often wish my mother was around to see my transformation. My husband says, "What makes you think she isn't?" - Sweta Vikram is a writer and wellness entrepreneur. Her 11th book, just released this week, Saris and Single Malt is now available for purchase.