Danielle Neighbor

truman-foundation0041"I've had classes where I felt like I had to prove myself.  And then I have had classes where I did actually have to prove myself. One time I walked into my Physics II class wearing a pink sorority shirt.  My, all male, project group acted as though I was invisible until I loudly asserted myself.  But there have been many women and men in the STEM fields who have encouraged me and told me that there is a place for me in Engineering.  Though, I don't wear my sorority letters to my Physics class anymore." - Danielle Neighbor is a Truman Scholar studying Engineering at University of Arkansas. She attended the Truman Foundation 40th Anniversary Party that was held at Gracie Mansion earlier this month.

Sandy Carter

the-scale-collective0435"Early in my career I went to Japan as a tech expert with my boss.  The Japanese client would only acknowledge my male boss and look at or speak to me. Eventually my boss excused himself and left the building so that the client would have to speak with me directly. I realized then that men can be great allies for women." - Sandy Carter, is CEO of SiliconBlitz.