Claire Rowell

jonah + sasha + claire0486med "There were socially accepted topics of conversation in my home and money wasn't one of them. I never learned the vocabulary for asking for more, asking for a raise, using my connection to network and advance my career. I don't think men question money or networking the same way.  My grandmother taught me to never overstay your welcome and to not be an imposition."  Claire Rowell is a workplace anthropologist with PLASTARC, where she says her boss, Melissa Marsh, is a true role model. "It is inspiring to see Melissa's command over a meeting.  She is confident and capable and often she is the only woman in the room. A lot of my friend's mothers are like this too and I admire them.  They are strong women and their example is trickling down to their daughters. I am not yet equipped with all of these traits and skills but I hope to be in the very near future."