Jasmine Niang + Deborah Koplivitz

me&EVE Jasmine + Deborah0008 Jasmine Niang, 15. (daughter) Deborah Koplovitz, a NYC lawyer. (mother) From NYC, both marched in NYC

Jasmine: “It’s important to feel that you are a part of something. After the election we did a walk out at my school and it was great to feel that sense of community. I think Trump should know that a lot of people don’t believe in him. Being groped is something I am already afraid of and now this is my President. I watched Hillary Clinton’s speech after the election and when she said, ‘All the little girls out there watching…,’ I cried. I didn’t expect to be so emotionally impacted.”

Deborah: “I am marching with my daughter to show our country and the world that not all Americans are in favor of the man arguably elected to be President. She and I are marching with the organization Eleanor’s Legacy to support the legacy of kickass, smart, amazing, intelligent, strong women. We had an extremely qualified female candidate and the fact that our country is still so sexist that she couldn’t be elected is horrible. If we don’t teach our sons and daughters to stop that sexism in its tracks, then we aren’t doing our jobs as parents or as citizens. When I am in court, I get called ‘little lady’ all the time. It is really time for that to stop.”