Dawn, Annika + Robin Tucksmith

Dawn, Annika and Robin TucksmithWhile the goings on in DC have me feeling disgusted - the women I meet every day in pink hats or not, inspire me. Dawn Tucksmith (mother of four daughters and one son) Annika Tucksmith, 21 (daughter) Robin Tucksmith, 15 (daughter) From Chatham, NY; all participated in the march in D.C. *Note: Dad knit the hats for them. Dawn: “I am going because I think it is important to let President Trump know that we are watching him. And we are going to be counted. And we are going to stand by the rights and the things that make America great.” Annika: “I am marching to add to the number of citizens that don’t agree with his ideology.” Robin: “I want to show him that there are a lot of us that do not agree with him.”