Catherine Lennon

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"I was raised in the 1950's when women could become nurses, teachers or social workers," laughed Catherine Lennon, " I was lucky I had very good parents and they sent me to college at St.Rose in Albany.  We were called the "Golden Rose Buds" and this year is our 50th reunion."  Catherine became a social worker and worked for Catholic Charity who then gave her a full scholarship to Fordham to earn her MSW.  "I worked in the government for the Health Department and I retired and now I get a huge pension," she said smiling. At that time there weren't many women working with her and her male bosses would say things like "Well, you might not be here in a few years," implying that young women would get married and leave their jobs to become housewives.  Catherine never did get married and never had children. "Single men are called swinging singles but a unmarried women is an old maid or it is assumed that you have some sort of defect that makes you unwanted," she explained.  "One of my best supervisors was gay and when she got in a fight with her partner, she moved in with me.  There was a lot of sniggering at work. People make a lot of assumptions when you aren't married," she explained.  "It really kills me to see Hillary using the woman card, because it's phoney. You have to vote for who you want to vote for, not vote for someone because they are a woman," she said.