Jacqueline Rickard

Jacqueline Rickard-2"I plan to go to one of the Women's Marches next week.  I don't want to sit at home feeling victimized because of how the election went.  I want to do something positive and make sure things that I value, like a woman's right to choose and affordable health care act are upheld. I like that the marches are inclusive and a way for women to show their strength and power and effectiveness." Jacqueline Rickard is a business owner.

Andi Schreiber

day-after-election0073"I spoke with my sons this morning. They are sad about the outcome of the election and they also always pick up what we are feeling. I really believe that change starts close to home.  Now is the time for acts of kindness and introspection and finding ways to lift ourselves and everyone else up. We need to open our hearts more, even if we really don't feel like doing it today, we need to." - Andi Schreiber  

Sally Kopstein

hillary-clinton-volunteers0047"I just got married last year. It's a gay marriage.  I was at an event last night at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center and Edie Windsor was there. (United States v. Winsor) She really made it happen here. Things have changed so much about being openly gay." - Sally Kopstein

Marlene Reisman

hillary-clinton-volunteers0005"I worked as a Human Resources executive at a company that had mostly male employees.  Because I am understanding, the men felt comfortable coming to discuss with me their work issues. Being understanding helped me succeed in this role.  I think if I hadn't been a woman, I would not have had as much career success." - Marlene Reisman is a retired human resources executive.

Billie Madley

hillary-clinton-volunteers0086"There's a consciousness about this election that is driving me and awakening parts of me I didn't even realize needed awakening. I have always been aware of feminist issues and was instrumental in launching the current burlesque movement.  The sexiness about performance is also about women's power, beauty and artistry.  There is a strength about women's sexuality, and burlesque is about artistic heroism." - Billie Madley is an actor, burlesque instructor and activist who pledged to wear her "Voting" clothing everyday from September - Nov 8th.

Rachel Smith

rachel-smith-badges0272"I worked as a waitress for a long time. Male customers expect you to be lovely, adorable, delightful and they like it when you are sassy because they interpret sassy as flirtatious. Sassy can bring in big tips." - Rachel Smith is a content strategist at PLASTARC.

Rosemary Straley

peace corps Hillary Clinton supporter"Young women have no idea how hard women of my generation had to work to break into so many fields. After earning my Ph.D. at Harvard, the 14 other students in my class, all of whom were men went into Government Jobs at a GS14.  At my State Department Job in the Government Accountability office I was told, "There are no women at GS14." and was demoted to a GS13.  A year later they said, "You have now been promoted to a GS14."  And I said, "No. I was always a GS14 now you finally re-instated me." - Rosemary Staley is a former State Department Officer, Peace Corps Country Director in Cameroon,  Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and the National Coordinator of the Hillary Support Network. 

Tenne Thrower

DNC july 260237"I dedicated six years to helping young women through Boys Hope and Girls Hope of Baltimore. I worked there from 2010-2015 - I lived with the girls and helped them to support them in becoming better people with more opportunities. I left the job, but then I had to come back and stay involved. If I weren't a woman I wouldn't have had that opportunity because only women are hired to live in the house with the girls." - Tenne Thrower works for Black Girls Vote and Boys Hope Girls Hope of Baltimore.

Abrar Omeish

DNC july 260235"I am visibly Muslim because of how I dress, but I think about how this is different for Muslim men.  Sometimes this means I am asked questions ,which is ok, but sometimes it results in insults. An Uber driver threatened to shoot me.  When I got in the car I said, "Good Morning." And he said, " Are you going to shoot me?" and then said, "Oh,I better get my gun." Then he started leaning over like he was going to take something out of the glovebox. I made a joke and diffused the situation somehow." - Abrar Omeish is a student at Yale University.

Julie Tyler

DNC july 260111"I didn't end up having a baby or adopting a child. Knowing this campaign was so important - being a woman has brought me into this activism. I'm doing this for future generations and I don't even have kids. I think, "How dare some people sit on the sidelines. I am doing this for your kids. I don't even have kids. I'm just really emotional,  we all thought, I thought, Bernie was going to take this all the way."- Julie Tyler is the founder of Golden Goose Films.

Kate Hansen

DNC july 250056"The longer I work in politics , well really the older I get, I understand how it feels to be chronically underestimated. And I say that knowing I come from a place of privilege. There are so many undocumented women in this country busting their asses in the shadows every day. I know there are a huge number of additional barriers for them, for women of color, for many others being unseen and underestimated." - Kate Hansen works for the Global Strategy Group.

Juliet Halvorson-Taylor

Juliet Halvorson-Taylor0209"I ran for President in a mock trial at my high school. The opposition ran an attack ad about my high pitched voice. My feminine voice was somehow deemed not strong enough. There are things that are strong and powerful that are feminine - I don't have to change or be more masculine to be strong. The sexism that I've encountered isn't blatant, it is internalized." - Juliet Halvorson-Taylor graduated high school this Spring and is taking a gap year to work as a field organizer for the Hillary Clinton campaign.