Sally Kopstein

hillary-clinton-volunteers0047"I just got married last year. It's a gay marriage.  I was at an event last night at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center and Edie Windsor was there. (United States v. Winsor) She really made it happen here. Things have changed so much about being openly gay." - Sally Kopstein

Marlene Reisman

hillary-clinton-volunteers0005"I worked as a Human Resources executive at a company that had mostly male employees.  Because I am understanding, the men felt comfortable coming to discuss with me their work issues. Being understanding helped me succeed in this role.  I think if I hadn't been a woman, I would not have had as much career success." - Marlene Reisman is a retired human resources executive.

Billie Madley

hillary-clinton-volunteers0086"There's a consciousness about this election that is driving me and awakening parts of me I didn't even realize needed awakening. I have always been aware of feminist issues and was instrumental in launching the current burlesque movement.  The sexiness about performance is also about women's power, beauty and artistry.  There is a strength about women's sexuality, and burlesque is about artistic heroism." - Billie Madley is an actor, burlesque instructor and activist who pledged to wear her "Voting" clothing everyday from September - Nov 8th.

Kayla Gerdes

kayla-gerdes"People don't see prison as a woman's issue. They also don't see the oppression that women experience in prison and that women experience as leaders of criminal justice reform.  I was in prison from 18-23 years of age. If I hadn't had this experience I may not have found my strength.  I don't regret going to prison, because of prison I am going to change the world." - Kayla Gerdes is an advocate with LifetoLife LLC and a council member of the National Council For Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls.  Kayla is also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.