Omary Carreo

"Coming to this country ten years ago made my life. Being here opened up my mind to what it means to be a gay person.  When I got my NYC city card they asked me whether I wanted to register as a woman, a man, both or neither.  I said, "What? Wow! This is the country that I needed."  In my country, Columbia,  I couldn't come out as being a gay person.  Being here gave me the opportunity to create my business with my wife. The small business center in NYC helped us get through the legal parts of setting up our business and helped us with marketing." Omary Carreo is the c0-owner of Tangerine Cleaning Service.

Sally Kopstein

hillary-clinton-volunteers0047"I just got married last year. It's a gay marriage.  I was at an event last night at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center and Edie Windsor was there. (United States v. Winsor) She really made it happen here. Things have changed so much about being openly gay." - Sally Kopstein

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

tanya-taylor-rubenstein0034"I grew up as a white waspy insider.  But being a woman, and being fatherless,  I always felt like an outsider. I wouldn't have found my purpose in life to help others tell their stories if I hadn't had the experience of feeling marginalized." - Tanya Taylor is storytelling coach and the founder and CEO of The Global School of Story.  Tanya is also a survivor of sexual abuse.