Chloe Siegman

"Everything I I have experienced I have experienced in a certain way because I am a woman. The way I connect with people would be very different if I weren't female. I feel there is a learned behavior that is common in women. It involves listening and reflecting in a way that I don't see in my male presenting friends. I don't think it is a behavior that can't be learned by them, but me and my female friends have practiced more. This way of communicating leads me to see a lot of beauty in other people and opens up a depth of connection that is extremely useful." - Chloe Siegman is a theater arts major at Boston University.


laurence-med"I have always wanted to be a man and I have always been proud to be a woman. It seems simpler to be a man, you know, I have my dick and my knife and I am ready. But I always knew that there was certain power in being a woman. Women have the skills and capacity to multitask, analyze, to look at problems, measure, assess them - we can even look at anything and know what container it will fit in -  we just know how to get shit done." - Laurence is a European actor and dancer.

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

tanya-taylor-rubenstein0034"I grew up as a white waspy insider.  But being a woman, and being fatherless,  I always felt like an outsider. I wouldn't have found my purpose in life to help others tell their stories if I hadn't had the experience of feeling marginalized." - Tanya Taylor is storytelling coach and the founder and CEO of The Global School of Story.  Tanya is also a survivor of sexual abuse.