Meredith Waga Perez

  Meredith Waga PerezblogMeredith Waga Perez is the owner of Belle Fleur Flower and Fragrance.

"Imagine all day you are answering the phone and talking to people who share really intimate snippets about their life - like maybe they just fell in love with another student in their Graduate School class, or their sister just got diagnosed with cancer or their neighbor's dog just died. I always want to know what the story is so I can use my artistry with flowers to capture the emotion they want to share. This job really brings out my feminine side and allows me to tap into high levels of empathy, I am like the liaison of sentiment and emotions. Here in my studio there are  little love notes being passed through me everyday, some are filled with the angst of love, some are a riot and have me laughing out loud others are so sweet they leave me crying in my office."


laurence-med"I have always wanted to be a man and I have always been proud to be a woman. It seems simpler to be a man, you know, I have my dick and my knife and I am ready. But I always knew that there was certain power in being a woman. Women have the skills and capacity to multitask, analyze, to look at problems, measure, assess them - we can even look at anything and know what container it will fit in -  we just know how to get shit done." - Laurence is a European actor and dancer.