Billie Madley

hillary-clinton-volunteers0086"There's a consciousness about this election that is driving me and awakening parts of me I didn't even realize needed awakening. I have always been aware of feminist issues and was instrumental in launching the current burlesque movement.  The sexiness about performance is also about women's power, beauty and artistry.  There is a strength about women's sexuality, and burlesque is about artistic heroism." - Billie Madley is an actor, burlesque instructor and activist who pledged to wear her "Voting" clothing everyday from September - Nov 8th.

Sarah C. Morrison

Former Liberia Peace Corps Volunteer and state department"I might have become an Ambassador if I had pushed a little harder. I retired as the Consult General for Florence, Italy. But if I weren't a woman I think the State Department would have seen me differently and I would have been promoted more quickly." - Sarah C. Morrison is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Liberia and a retired employee of the Foreign Service.

Dannie Getz

Danni Hetz + Dad series0020-2 " I was sitting in a business meeting, during which I shared my honest opinions. Afterwards the women who were also in the meeting asked why I had to say things so harshly. That I wasn't being nice. I answered, " Isn't it more respectful to give my honest opinion and not sugar coat it?"  If a man speaks his mind, even if he used the same exact words as I did - he would not be told he wasn't being nice." - Dannie Hetz Founder + CEO of TOPRO.

Emily Altman

Emily Altman0326 "My mother, Floria Lasky, was a very successful entertainment lawyer who never retired and worked until she passed away at 84. She  practiced law starting in  in 1945.  She was liberated , powerful and a role model for many female lawyers and for women in general.  So it really wasn't until I was in my 30's that I realized that professionally gender could be an issue. I had graduated from Harvard as the last Radcliffe graduating class, I had a great job but I realized there was this glass ceiling for women." Emily is a mediator/arbitrator at Emily Altman LLC as well as the President of the Frederick Loewe Foundation.