Dannie Getz

Danni Hetz + Dad series0020-2 " I was sitting in a business meeting, during which I shared my honest opinions. Afterwards the women who were also in the meeting asked why I had to say things so harshly. That I wasn't being nice. I answered, " Isn't it more respectful to give my honest opinion and not sugar coat it?"  If a man speaks his mind, even if he used the same exact words as I did - he would not be told he wasn't being nice." - Dannie Hetz Founder + CEO of TOPRO.

Allison Dellicarri

Me&EVE June0032"Female athletes are praised for their bodies while male athletes are praised for their athleticism. I did a research paper in college about Title 9 and discovered that it helped women's programs but it didn't hurt men's programs the way many claim it did. There are girls who play football in High School but rarely do they have the opportunity to play football in college. Today only 2% of sports broadcasting is dedicated to women's sports." - Allison Dellicarri is a student at Marist College and an accomplished runner on their track and field team.

Coreen Callister

Coreen Callister "I've asked for a raise 1-2 times per year for the last three years.  I've been given most of them. Once I asked for a raise in the beginning of the year but didn't get the increase until towards the end. I know how hard I work, and I know how much money I bring in to the business.  I told my supervisor that I was glad I got a raise but if the raise was given earlier in the year I could have contributed to my 401K and accrued more money, I asked them to consider how they could make up this difference to me. I know my  co-workers and my supervisors will value me more if I value myself, not asking for a raise is a missed opportunity." Coreen Callister is a business development associate at IDEO in San Francisco.