Marlene Reisman

hillary-clinton-volunteers0005"I worked as a Human Resources executive at a company that had mostly male employees.  Because I am understanding, the men felt comfortable coming to discuss with me their work issues. Being understanding helped me succeed in this role.  I think if I hadn't been a woman, I would not have had as much career success." - Marlene Reisman is a retired human resources executive.

Dianne Berkun Menaker

Barbara + Dianne 0068crop"As an educator it sometimes disturbs me because there is an assumption that women should be teachers because we are nurturing. I maintain high expectations, I set a standard for my students and I have a real skill and talent in what I do. I believe that girls and women need to feel purposeful. What I teach them here will grow with them, they develop their talent, their minds and they understand their value as a human being. If the focus for young women is about being beautiful - then all they have is a declining asset. Music and singing is about your unique voice - and really it is all about having a voice that matters. Some girls arrive in the program they don't value themselves, they are basically apologizing for the floorspace they take up in the room.  And over time,  I see them see themselves as being of value." - Dianne Berkun Menaker is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus.