Maria de Remedio Martinez

In honor of upcoming Mother's Day I will be posting EVE's all week who are mothers. Enjoy.

Today's EVE: Maria de Remedio Martinez

"I give thanks to God that I am a woman so that I could have my sons and my husband and live a happy life." - Maria de Remedio Martinez owns Zaragoza, a Mexican deli/market in the East Village.#damnrightiatetheapple #mothersday

Daisy Linhares

“I don’t think I’ve gotten ahead in life because I am a woman. I’ve always managed to land on my feet. When things get rough it lights a fire under me. I’m smart, I’m a transformer, I’ll adapt. My independence is important to me – I don’t want to owe anything to anyone.” – Daisy Linhares lives in Venice, CA. She is a clothing designer and owner of All Things Fabulous.

Marlene Reisman

hillary-clinton-volunteers0005"I worked as a Human Resources executive at a company that had mostly male employees.  Because I am understanding, the men felt comfortable coming to discuss with me their work issues. Being understanding helped me succeed in this role.  I think if I hadn't been a woman, I would not have had as much career success." - Marlene Reisman is a retired human resources executive.