Maria de Remedio Martinez

In honor of upcoming Mother's Day I will be posting EVE's all week who are mothers. Enjoy.

Today's EVE: Maria de Remedio Martinez

"I give thanks to God that I am a woman so that I could have my sons and my husband and live a happy life." - Maria de Remedio Martinez owns Zaragoza, a Mexican deli/market in the East Village.#damnrightiatetheapple #mothersday

Brigida Belém Cabrera Reyes

"For me as a woman, becoming a mother was like passing on to the next level of a video game. I can't go back to the level where I was before. It's a wonderful thing. And as a woman, I have always felt a special feeling and need to care for others. Even here at my job I look after my employees. I have worked here for eight years and we are a family here. I feel like I need to protect everyone and this isn't a feeling I can run away from." -  Brigida Belém Cabrera Reyes is the manager of The Inn at Manzanillo Bay in Troncones, Mexico.

Diana Iris Muniz Navarrete

"I am nineteen years old, I have two children and I am pregnant with my third. When I was thirteen I made a sex video with my boyfriend. The video was on my boyfriend's phone and his phone was stolen and the video was published on Facebook.  Because of the video, my parents made me marry the boy. The cyber-bullying was awful and I tried to commit suicide several times and started seeing a psychiatrist.  But, when I was 15 I gave birth to my first child, my son, and because of him I knew I had to lift myself out of my depression and out of my situation.  I left my first husband because he mistreated me.  Now I am remarried and I want to write a book about my experience.  I am only nineteen and already I have experienced a lot of pain but I also know that when a woman wants to, she can lift herself up." - Diana Iris Muniz Navarrete is a mother and waitress in Troncones, Mexico.


Taos 2-170430"My daughters are 9 and 12 years old. I moved here from Mexico eight months ago so that I can work and send money home to them. I'm a single mother and I can earn more money here.  I'm sad without them but I will stay and work for as long as God allows me to." - Nancy is a single mother from Mexico who works as a waitress in a Mexican Restaurant in New Mexico.

Susana Martinez

susana-martinez"I grew up in Mexico and my Father worked in construction. There's a lot of machismo in Mexico and my Father didn't think I could work like a man and didn't want me or my sisters to do construction work. He also didn't want me to play sports, except for tennis." - Susana Martinez is a part time student and works as a janitor.

Judy Gabbie

peace-corps-advocacy-day0095-2"My mother, because she was lighter skinned, managed to buy a house in an all-white neighborhood in Indiana - she wanted me and my sisters to integrate into the white schools.  On the night of our house warming party our neighbors, who turned out to be Klan members and not the brightest people, burned a cross into their own yard and nearly lit both of our houses on fire. My teachers said that "Negro" students weren't smart.  My mother, like Michelle Obama, taught us, "When they go low, we go high". Then I won the 6th grade Math contest. Oh they hated that and hated that I went to Harvard. If we weren't an all female household I think they would have killed us." - Judy Gabbie just returned from serving in the Peace Corps in Mexico.