Tasnim Sarah Clarke

"The way I have lived my life is based on intuition, trust and being present. This is a feeling I associate with the feminine.  This way of living has led me to an internship in Sweden, backpacking in South America and then I received a full ride plus living expenses to attend the New School in New York City. It is a quiet way of listening, and I know if I just listen I will be caught and I will be doing the right thing.  Even if I land in a difficult situation it will teach me the right lesson or will put me in the next right place." - Tasmin Sarah Clarke is a student studying photojournalism at The New School.

Maya Valentine

"As a woman I understand beauty. I understand what beauty is outside of myself and inside of myself.  I was influenced in the past by societal standards and trying to fit that certain mold. But there's nothing more beautiful than knowing who you are. No matter what you are beautiful." - Maya Valentine is studying to become a journalist.

Susana Martinez

susana-martinez"I grew up in Mexico and my Father worked in construction. There's a lot of machismo in Mexico and my Father didn't think I could work like a man and didn't want me or my sisters to do construction work. He also didn't want me to play sports, except for tennis." - Susana Martinez is a part time student and works as a janitor.