Dianthe Johnson

"I told myself if I didn't have a baby by the time I was 25, I wasn't gonna have one. I wanted to have a baby, raise her and still be able to be young and live my life. I raised my baby. I'm still young, I move around and I enjoy life." - Dianthe Johnson works in the construction field and is also a Lyft driver in New Orleans.


"About 40 years ago I worked for a construction company and I was the only woman working there.  I started doing door-to-door sales of roofing, siding and home repairs for them and I was doing really well. When the other salesmen found out about how well I was doing, I was no longer doing that job for the company. " - Diane and her husband have a seasonal business selling Christmas Trees in East Brunswick, NJ.

Susana Martinez

susana-martinez"I grew up in Mexico and my Father worked in construction. There's a lot of machismo in Mexico and my Father didn't think I could work like a man and didn't want me or my sisters to do construction work. He also didn't want me to play sports, except for tennis." - Susana Martinez is a part time student and works as a janitor.