"About 40 years ago I worked for a construction company and I was the only woman working there.  I started doing door-to-door sales of roofing, siding and home repairs for them and I was doing really well. When the other salesmen found out about how well I was doing, I was no longer doing that job for the company. " - Diane and her husband have a seasonal business selling Christmas Trees in East Brunswick, NJ.

Ceyenne Doroshow

ceyenne-doroshowmed"When I was a sex worker,  I was outed by Governor Chris Christie and the NJ District Attorney.  They accused me of being a Madam and published a map to my home. It was terrifying - but because of that experience I am a formerly incarcerated sex worker and a role model and spokesperson for not just the Trans community but for all women." - Ceyenne Doroshow is the author of "Cooking in Heels" which she published with the help of the Red Umbrella Project.