Bambi Deville

"When I got married I had a party for the family in New Orleans. At the party, my grandfather Deville said, "Well there goes the acting career."  He was right because I gave up so many opportunities. My husband was not supportive of my acting career, he wanted me to be his secretary and have babies. I stayed married for 12 years and left when I was 30. If I were a man I wouldn't of had to ask anyone's permission or question any of those opportunities." - Bambi DeVille owns a vintage clothing shop in New Orleans.

Bridgette Beal

""When I was 20 years old I joined a pen pal club - actual pen and ink letters.   The first letter I received was from my now husband. He's from England and we wrote back and forth to one another every day for 14 months. Then we met in person and we were married two months later and we have been married for 26.5 years.  We would never have spoken to one another because he is very introverted. I believe God brought us together. My husband is a very stable person and that allows for me to be myself and launch off of him because I know if I get too crazy he can pull me back down from my ankles." Bridgette Beal lives in Laguna Beach, CA.

Marilyn Adams

"Twenty five years ago my husband was stabbed and killed. We were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then two years ago my fiance died from diabetes. And then Frank came into my life. He came to help me at my house and now we are married. He keeps me happy, keeps me smiling and brings me to the beach everyday and we collect shells." - Marilyn Adams lives in Los Angeles.

Rachel Smith

rachel-smith-badges0272"I worked as a waitress for a long time. Male customers expect you to be lovely, adorable, delightful and they like it when you are sassy because they interpret sassy as flirtatious. Sassy can bring in big tips." - Rachel Smith is a content strategist at PLASTARC.