Nina Silfverberg

"In my travels and in life in general, being a woman gives me an immediate passport into connectedness with other women.  Twenty years ago on a solo bike trip through the Northern Coast of Scotland, - at every hostel I met women who I could relate to right away.  It's like a Sisterhood. I know that sounds cheesy but really it is a gift we have especially during these times that we are living in. It's a safety net and on an intuitive level you can find a Sister whether you already know them or not - simply because you are a woman." - Nina Silfverberg lives in New Mexico and is a costume/set designer and an avid biker.

Rachel Smith

rachel-smith-badges0272"I worked as a waitress for a long time. Male customers expect you to be lovely, adorable, delightful and they like it when you are sassy because they interpret sassy as flirtatious. Sassy can bring in big tips." - Rachel Smith is a content strategist at PLASTARC.