Sharon Alexander

DNC july 260130"I gave my body over to science to have a kid at 45 years old.  I tell my friends everything else I did before having a baby was just a hobby. I didn't get married until I was 40 and then we had to try different infertility methods, IVF and eventually assisted hatching worked. She was born with a genetic spinal condition but she is doing great." - Sharon Alexander is teacher, vocalist and community leader with

Julie Tyler

DNC july 260111"I didn't end up having a baby or adopting a child. Knowing this campaign was so important - being a woman has brought me into this activism. I'm doing this for future generations and I don't even have kids. I think, "How dare some people sit on the sidelines. I am doing this for your kids. I don't even have kids. I'm just really emotional,  we all thought, I thought, Bernie was going to take this all the way."- Julie Tyler is the founder of Golden Goose Films.