Molly Shaheen

"I knew starting my own fashion company as a woman would be hard because I am a in a male dominated profession. And, I knew I could do everything better.  That is coming from a place of total confidence and competence. Where I used to work I saw generations of incompetent male decision makers stifling both creativity and conversation. I knew I could only grow so far working in this kind of environment.  There's one supervisor  that I still flip-off in my mind constantly. And, I still can't give the details about how ineffective and emotional abusive he was because this industry is so small. I can't wait for my business to grow so I can have a team working for me and the opportunity to treat my employees like humans." - Molly Shaheen designs and produces leather fanny packs.  

Jory Des Jardins

the-scale-collective0697"At first the whole blogging world was very male dominated, so the whole impetus behind starting Blogher, was that we were women, we knew our audience. It turned out to be a big advantage to know what women wanted and how they were using blogging and using the internet. Being a woman turned out pretty good for me." - Jory Des Jardins is the co-founder of Blogher and the co-founder of Virago, a stategic advisory firm for female entrepreneurs.

Jamie Lee

jamie-lee0039"I was having cocktails with a group of women and one commented about how she hated her job and that she was underpaid. A friend answered, "If you are good at what you do, you can always ask for more. There's always more in the budget."  That was the comment that made me want to teach women about negotiating." - Jamie Lee is a consultant with She Negotiates.