Rakia Reynolds

"I used to think procrastinating was a good thing. But when I was pregnant with my third child, I was at a photo shoot when the contractions started.  I kept working, I said, just one more photo and then I'll go. But I waited until the contractions were four minutes apart to go to the hospital and I never made it to a room, he was born in the hallway. The hospital staff called him "hallway baby". Now I don't procrastinate." - Rakia Reynolds is the founder and CEO of SkaiBlueMedia and the mother of three children.

Jory Des Jardins

the-scale-collective0697"At first the whole blogging world was very male dominated, so the whole impetus behind starting Blogher, was that we were women, we knew our audience. It turned out to be a big advantage to know what women wanted and how they were using blogging and using the internet. Being a woman turned out pretty good for me." - Jory Des Jardins is the co-founder of Blogher and the co-founder of Virago, a stategic advisory firm for female entrepreneurs.