Payton Iheane

The Girl's Lounge DC0537"One day I realized that people valued my work based on who I was married to. I got the sense that when I showed up not married to events it was a problem, that somehow a woman by herself isn't enough of a package? But I had, and women have a role to play in national security. When there are women gathering information and talking to other women in places of conflict, then we have more information, we know more." - Payton Iheme is the public policy manager for Facebook, former White House Senior Policy Advisor for Science and Technology and a former Army Intelligence Officer.

Jory Des Jardins

the-scale-collective0697"At first the whole blogging world was very male dominated, so the whole impetus behind starting Blogher, was that we were women, we knew our audience. It turned out to be a big advantage to know what women wanted and how they were using blogging and using the internet. Being a woman turned out pretty good for me." - Jory Des Jardins is the co-founder of Blogher and the co-founder of Virago, a stategic advisory firm for female entrepreneurs.

Randi Zuckerberg

the-scale-collective0369"When I worked at Facebook, I was often the only woman in the room. I would set up meetings via email and when I showed up in person I could tell that people were visibly disappointed when they realized "Randi" was a woman, not a man. This experience gave me the empathy, motivation and passion to launch Zuckerberg Media so that I can produce shows and books about smart, tech savvy girls." - Randi Zuckerberg  just launched the show Dot on Sprout and the book Missy President.